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The Kitchen (Speak Like A Native sample lesson)

Here is a sample lesson from our Speak Like A Native Membership Photo description to increase vocabulary and to improve your grammar, describing skills and use of prepositions and articles. Step 1) Describe this photo >> Step 2) Do you know the names of items in the circles and squares? Step 3) Answers to Step 2 ORANGE CIRCLE = broccoli… Read more »

How To Use English Tenses

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Step 1 –¬†Examples For each of the 6 examples below the red number/s represent the action time. Each number represents 1 minute. The number 5 is now (present) so 1-4 is the past and 6-10 is the future. Example 1 = Simple past tense 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10 >> I watched TV >> I watched TV for 1 minute Example 2 = Past… Read more »